Jon Kortajarena triunfa en los Goya con una camisa Sepiia

Jon Kortajarena triumphs at the Goya with a Sepiia shirt

Among the multiple social events in which this story could have been framed, it was exactly at the Goya gala when the renowned actor, Jon Kortajarena decided to attend the ceremony with his Sepiia shirt .

Jon Jortajarena Goya

The story begins with a less interesting night in which the man from Bilbao awarded the prize for the best animated film. With an audience accustomed to his elegance in clothing, Jon Kortajarena once again achieved it, positioning himself as one of the most handsome and best dressed men at the 2021 Goya gala. However, not all stories end as they begin. The actor had planned to wear a different suit than the one he finally decided to wear at the gala. “ I had another suit that should have arrived and it never did” assured Kortajarena. And this is how by chance, Sepiia, a well-known Spanish brand of intelligent fashion, entered the scene, which managed to sneak into the wardrobe of one of the great actors on the national scene. Jon opted for a classic of the firm, his white shirt, 100% Spanish produced, with a sustainable soul and timeless designs that adapt to the needs of everyone who wears them. In addition, Sepiia incorporates textile technology into each of its garments, ensuring that they do not wrinkle, do not stain and neutralize body odor.

Jon Jortajarena Goya

Kortajarena decided to bet on Sepiia in one of his last professional events, reaffirming his commitment to sustainable fashion whose brand values ​​revolve around local production, innovation in each of its products and its responsibility with the environment.

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