We empower teams with the latest generation of smart uniforms. Take advantage of our technology to make the workday easier while helping to make a positive impact.

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Stain-resistant technology

All our garments feature stain-resistant technology to make sure that nothing unexpected can ruin a good day out.
Breathable, odourless and
no sweat marks

Thanks to our technical fabrics with antibacterial technology, our garments are breathable, reducing odours and sweat marks.
Anti-wrinkle technology

You save time and money thanks to our innovative technology, which eliminates the need to iron your garments. Simply hang them on a hanger after washing to keep them in perfect condition.

Customisation to suit all your needs

Make your teams proud to wear your brand on garments that they know will never let them down and contribute to a better environment.

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The textile technology that will change your life. Goodbye washing machine. Goodbye iron. Hello facilities.

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Sustainability is the goal. It is the way

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