The outer side is stain-resistant, but the inner side is absorbent so it can be washed normally. wash your garment cold if it is coloured and at 30-40º if it is white, as you would do with the rest of your clothes. remember to wash it with similar colours, do not bleach and do not dry clean.
Our garments are quick-drying and do not need to be ironed; simply hang them on a hanger after use or washing. When hung up, they regain their structure and are wrinkle-free.
Hang the garment on a hanger and you won't need to iron it. You can give it a steam iron if it has any small spin wrinkles, always at less than 120ºC, although these small wrinkles will disappear with your body heat after a few minutes of wearing it.
Pour water to remove more viscous stains. More viscous liquids, such as ketchup, run more slowly through the fabric. Rubbing will cause it to penetrate the inside of the fabric and the garment will be stained. To remove them, use water to wash out the stain. If you have rubbed and the garment has been stained, you can use KH7 or a specific anti-grease product for stains; rub the inside of the garment and wash it as usual.
Please note that the stain-resistant treatment is only applied to the outside of the garment, so the inside of the garment may be stained by the garment rubbing against the body. These stains disappear by washing the garment as above. If you rub the stain it can penetrate the fabric. If this happens you can use KH7 or a specific anti-grease product for stains, rub the inside of the garment and wash it as usual. If the garment is stained by rubbing or dust, wash it regularly.

Limitations and warranty

We guarantee that our anti-stain technology repels water-based liquids (coffee, juices, soft drinks) and oil-based liquids (sauces, ketchup). It does not repel stains such as rubbing or dust, although we are investigating this to improve future collections. We have carried out the corresponding tests in the AITEX laboratories to check that the stain repellent treatment retains 90% effectiveness after 60 washes. This may depend on the type of washing machine, detergent and washing programme used. To prolong its effectiveness, remember that you don't have to wash it after every use as it also neutralises body odour. You can also iron the garment or tumble dry every 5 or 6 washes as the heat helps to reactivate the stain-resistant treatment. -- Limitations: We aim to make a functional product, but we are not infallible; it works better with cold liquids than hot, better when liquids are sugar-free, and when they are poured within 15 cm of the garment, as is often the case with everyday accidents. With dense liquids such as sauces, do not rub the stain as it penetrates the fabric; instead, pour water over it so that the stain slides across the surface. Remember that this is a high-tech garment, but it is not a toy. If you take good care of it, it will last much longer.
We guarantee that our garments neutralise body odour throughout the day by neutralising the bacteria that cause body odour. We cannot guarantee that it does not smell of food or tobacco as these odours are not dependent on bacteria. Although the average wear time is between 3 and 5 wearings, we cannot tell you the number of days you can wear the shirt before washing it as everyone has different levels of perspiration. We do guarantee that the treatment does not lose effectiveness with washing; we have also carried out tests at AITEX with a 99.9% resistance to bacteria.
We have garments that minimise wrinkles (our plain coloured shirts and polo shirts) and garments where they are completely eliminated (our printed shirts and polo shirts). For best daily performance, we recommend hanging the garment on a hanger after washing, after use or after your travels and the next day you will see the wrinkles almost completely disappear. If any small creases remain, they are usually corrected by body heat when worn.
We guarantee that the garment has 0% shrinkage after washing throughout its life cycle. We have carried out the corresponding tests in the AITEX laboratories.
We guarantee the breathability of the garment through its 3D weaving which also makes it quick-drying (inspired by sportswear). This effect works under normal everyday conditions; although you can wear it for sport it is not intended for sport and we do not guarantee that it will exceed the wicking levels if you do strenuous exercise.
When we sweat, the garment absorbs this moisture on the inside of the fabric and distributes it over the surface of the garment to facilitate evaporation without it being perceptible from the outside due to the anti-stain treatment on the outside of the fabric. This effect works under normal conditions of daily use; although you can use it for sports, it is not intended for sports and we do not guarantee that it will exceed the absorption levels if you do strenuous exercise.
The lifespan of the garment will largely depend on how much you care for it. We have reduced the care needed to make it a simple process: machine wash, hang on a hanger, do not bleach, do not rub stains. By following these guidelines the garment should last at least 3 times longer than a normal garment.