Guía para elegir la camisa de boda perfecta en verano

Guide to choosing the perfect summer wedding shirt

Choose the right wedding shirt involves considering both aesthetics and functionality. Here's a guide to some key aspects to consider so you can choose the perfect shirt for a wedding this summer:

Factors to consider when choosing a wedding shirt

Choosing a shirt is not an easy task and there are many factors to take into account when choosing the best shirt, such as comfort, lightness, material...

1. Fitting and Cutting

The adjustment of the shirt should be comfortable but elegant. A slim fit can look slimmer, but make sure it is not too tight to allow for good ventilation.



2. Colour and Style

The colour of the shirt you choose to wear to a wedding may depend on the style of the event and your attire. Light colours are ideal for summer weddings.

Consider white or pastel shirts that reflect heat rather than absorb it.





Camisa de vestir de rayas azules de manga larga regular para hombre Sepiia: Camisa de vestir de manga larga regular para hombre sin arrugas, antimanchas, perfecta para traje o americana. Foto espalda 



Classic White: A white shirt is the most traditional and versatile choice. It looks smart and sophisticated, and goes with any colour suit.



3. Type of fabric

Fabric is crucial to maintain comfort and convenience. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or Sepiia's tech shirts which offer anti-wrinkle, anti-stain and anti-odour properties, as well as being lightweight and comfortable. See why our shirts are wedding-proof.


Comparison: Conventional shirts vs. shirts with Sepiia technology

In the world of fashion, innovation and technology play a crucial role in improving the quality and functionality of garments. Here we present a comparison between conventional shirts and shirts with Sepiia technology, designed to offer you additional benefits and a superior experience..

  1. Comfort. Conventional shirts may be stylish but they often lack the technological properties that enhance comfort, especially in hot climates.
  2. Maintenance. Sepiia shirts are anti-wrinkle and anti-stain, which makes them easy to maintain.
  3. Durability.  Sepiia shirts are designed to last longer, keeping in better condition over time compared to conventional shirts.
  4. Style and versatility.  Both types of shirts can be elegant, but Sepiia shirts offer a unique combination of style and functionality that makes them ideal for weddings and other formal occasions.


Additional tips for choosing the perfect wedding shirt

✅ Consider the dress code

Make sure your shirt complies with the wedding dress code. Consult with the bride and groom if you are in doubt about the level of formality required.

✅ Match with the right accessories

Accessories such as your tie, belt and shoes should complement your shirt and the rest of your outfit. Choose accessories that enhance your look without overloading it.

✅ Try the complete outfit in time

Don't wait until the last minute to see how the whole outfit looks on you, try it on well in advance in case changes need to be made.


Characteristics of Sepiia Technology Shirts

Discover the advantages that make Sepiia shirts unique, designed with advanced technology to enhance your comfort and style.


Anti-wrinkle technology

Our shirts are designed to stay wrinkle-free, ensuring you always look impeccable.

Tecnología Antiarrugas
Propiedades Antimanchas

Anti-stain properties

Sepiia shirts are stain repellent, allowing you to enjoy your wedding without worrying about accidental spills.

Anti-odour fabric

The fabric of our shirts fights odours, keeping you fresh and smelling good throughout the event.

Tejido Antiolor


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