¡Somos empresa Bcorp®!

We are a Bcorp company®!

This is a huge milestone for us; there are only 6 fashion brands B Corps® in Spain. B Corp® companies are sustainable companies that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and legal responsibility and commitment to positive impact, something not easy to achieve.

The B Corp ® measures company performance in five areas: suppliers, employees, customers, community and environment. And we passed with flying colors.

For us, being a B Corp ® company  means rowing in the same direction with other companies willing to work for a better world, and continuing to add positive impact to solve the most urgent social and environmental challenges. We are transforming the way of doing and being a company.

If we have come this far, it is also thanks to you. You have trusted us to do things the right way, before becoming part of the Bcorp® community. And that means that transparency works, that values also count, for you and for us. For all that, and for continuing to help us improve, thank you! Together we add up to positive impact.
Adaptation and change for the better has been part of our DNA since Fede founded Sepiia in 2016.

We set out to make fashion in a different way: we didn't understand that clothes still wrinkled, stained, smelled... and we set out to introduce technology to avoid it. To make clothes more durable, so that they don't yellow, or fill with little balls soon after wearing them, or become deformed after washing. This alone reduces much of the impact: less is more. Fewer clothes are more efficient, so you don't need to renew them so often. Timeless basics that don't go out of style.

But when we got into fashion, we realized that, as an industry, it also has many problems. It is delocalized; garments travel thousands of kilometers from their place of manufacture to the end user, when we have great suppliers right here that give us greater social guarantees. It is also the second most polluting industry in the world, and we set out to improve all these aspects when making a garment.
That's why we manufacture our fabrics entirely in Spain with techniques that reduce the impact of water and CO2. Here you can learn more about what we do to produce in the most sustainable way possible. We introduce technology in every part of the process to make it more efficient, and that also saves you water and electricity at home, and we make our garments in Spain and Portugal, combining the know-how of traditional workshops and technology that makes us unique without leaving the peninsula. Here you can learn more about our workshops.
Being a Bcorp company ®means being on the right path, but it also means never stopping to try to improve, to find new solutions to old or new problems, to achieve a better world.
The journey has just begun, join us!
By Nerea Alonso
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