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Life ready Smart fashion

Life-ready smart-fashion

Engineered to make your life easier while taking care of the planet

We use engineering, science, and innovation to create clothes that adapt to your needs.

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Since 2019 we’ve saved 11.601.000 liters of water and 152.000 kg CO2 eq.

Our garments use 87% less water and 53% less CO2 than the same garment in traditional cotton.

Measured by BCOME, groundbreaking platform of textile transparency.

11,6 milion liters of water are equal to 4,5 olympic pools

152.000 Kg CO2 eq are equal to 19 times around the world by car19 vueltas al mundo en coche

How do we do it?

Making fashion sustainable:

During production

Made in Spain and Portugal, With clean and sustainable techniques, through 14 suppliers that employ more than 500 people, reducing CO2 of transport.

During its use phase

Through years of R&D we reduce the laundry cycles of our garments, saving water, electricity and detergents. Our garments and technology are designed to last.

End of life cycle

Our garments are 100% recyclable. Please send it to us when you don’t use it anymore; The supplier that makes our thread also recycles our fabric.

What our customers think

Feels great and, really, it doesn't get any stains!"

Ana Gómez

"Good quality garments and even better service "

Josep Mauri

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What the media says

Pablo Motos tested our shirts twice at EL Hormiguero.

"Sustainable fashion"

"Groundbreaking technology"

"Engineering in your clothes"

"Smart fashion is here to stay"

“No stains, no odor".

"It really doesn't need ironing"

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