Humanity's challenge for this century:

to slow down climate change

Committed to the planet

The fashion industry is currently the second most polluting industry in the world, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so.

Desde 2016 investigamos cómo hacer prendas más sostenibles y que generen menos emisiones, necesiten menos agua y recursos, y que además, puedan generar un impacto positivo en el planeta.

We partnered with BCOME, a groundbreaker platform specialized in transparency in the textile industry, to measure the impact of the entire life cycle of our clothes.

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El CO2 es responsable del 53% del nivel de calentamiento global; la principal causa del cambio climático.

Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption of our garments to a minimum throughout their life cycle through different strategies and technologies.

Así es como lo conseguimos: 

This is all we've saved since 2017:


19,113,824 litres of water

0 litros de agua

O lo que es lo mismo, suficiente agua para llenar  7,6 piscinas olímpicas


251,135 Kg of CO2 eq

0 Kg de CO2 eq

O lo que es lo mismo, suficiente CO2 para dar 19 vueltas al mundo en  coche

186.352 g of PO4 eq

0 g de PO4 eq

Or in other words, enough phosphate to fertilize 6479 tomatoes.

Our initiatives

Siempre buscamos acciones con una repercusión positiva en nuestro entorno. 

Creating positive impact together

Tarifa Swimsuit
Tarifa Swimsuit
Tarifa Swimsuit
Tarifa Swimsuit
Tarifa Swimsuit
Tarifa Swimsuit

Know your impact, reduce your footprint

Tarifa Swimsuit

45,00 €

A swimsuit that takes care of the water:

Each swimsuit is made from 4 recycled plastic bottles, preventing them from ending up in the sea.

Del agua al coche en pocos minutos: con tecnología de secado rápido para adaptarse a lo que necesitas en verano. Confort y versatilidad dentro y fuera del agua.

This garment was made in Esther's workshop in Guimaraes, Portugal.

What we save for the planet:

Saves 94% of water compared to the same garment in virgin polyester.