is key to changing our habits

Do you know why transparency is so important?

If you knew how your clothes were made, how much water goes into a pair of jeans, or the working conditions of the people who make them, you probably wouldn’t buy them. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide and can ruin our planet, but how can we know where the best place is to shop for our clothes when there’s no transparency in the fashion industry?


is the only way

Transparency in the fashion industry is key to understanding whether a garment is sustainable or not, or if it was made respecting human rights in the process. It is necessary for consumers, so they can make better and more informed purchases. Your buying habits can make the world a better place.

“We invested in sustainability and local production from day 1, and we share every visit we make to our suppliers with you on our social media”

We are

an open book

We’re immensely proud of our openness with our customers, employees, and manufacturers. We’ve created a tight business fabric around us, paying our taxes in Spain to contribute to the society we dress.



We make our garments entirely in Spain and Portugal, from raw material to final tailoring, adding technology in the process, and therefore our margins are tighter than any fast-fashion company. That’s why we decided to offer a fair price all year round, instead of having occasional discounts.

We’ll stay transparent

to keep earning your trust