High end technology into your clothes.

We develop our garments with cutting edge technology in the laboratory to achieve our amazing features

How do we do it?

We start at the beginning:
With the raw materials that we use to make the filaments that we weave into the fabric.
Cutting edge
textile technology
*Real image of scanning electron microscope
Every thread in our fabric is formed by 47 endless microfilaments with a tetra-lobular shape.
This allows humidity to flow to the outside of the garment achieving maximum breathability.
Inside every filament, there are silver nanoparticles which create an antibacterial effectpreventing it from smelling like body odour
3d fabric knitting

*Microscope magnification: 40-times

We knit these threads into a three-dimensional fabric with microchannels of air that improve its breathability. This 3D structure also means the garment doesn't need ironing and provides elasticity in the four directions
0 %
Less ironing than a normal garment
0 %
Less ironing than an "easy care" garment

Stain-free technology.

We apply an anti-stain treatment on the outer side of the garment so that liquids roll off without leaving a stain.

Biomechanical design

Last but not least, we design garments thinking on its usability and anatomy to make the most comfortable and durable shirts in the market.

Technology validated by AITEX

All our garments have been tested at AITEX laboratories to validate our technology. We innovate to create the most advanced garments by developing textile technology to make clothes better, more durable sustainable, and efficient.

Wrinkle free

Norm: une-en 22313

250% less than cotton clothes
150% less than "non-iron" clothes


Norm: une-en 22313

20% more breathable than cotton
40% more breathable than "non-iron" clothes



Anti bacterial effect

Staphylococcus spp. 99%
Corynebacterium app. 99%
micrococcus spp. 99%

Doesn't yellow

Norm PH: ISO 3071 ; UNE-EN ISO 105-E04

Maximum resistance to yellowing on the garment caused by sweat, even after 60 washes.