We create smart & sustainable fashion

We make smart garments that require less resources during their use and care, which are made locally and are recyclable.

We make our garments from raw materials into the final garment in Spain and Portugal using cutting edge technology to create garments that require less resources, last longer and are high performance.

Less is more

The fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world.

We want to right the wrongs in the fashion industry with functional, ethical and sustainable garments.

What is sustainable fashion?

We designed our clothes to have aminimal impact throughout the garment’s life cycle; from production to its use and the circularity after that.

Your clothes should not be high maintenance but high performance.

High performance, functional, circular, durable, made ethically and in a sustainable way.

Conscious production


We use digital printing to reduce water consumption to a minimum. — Did you know that to dye a pair of jeans an average of 7000 litres of water is needed?


We reduce the CO2 of transportation by producing locally — the fashion industry is responsible for more CO2 emissions than all the flights and maritime shipping combined since clothes are made on the other side of the world, in countries with low environmental regulation.


We use circular materials: Our garments are 100% polyester in order to be 100% recyclable. Did you know that when a garment is made of a mix of materials it cannot be recycled?

Sustainable during its use

Did you know that most of the pollution from garments comes from their use, when we wash, dry, and iron them?

That’s why we implement technology into clothes; since you don’t have to wash it so often, it’s fast-drying and doesn’t need ironing, we reduce its environmental footprint. No more ironing! the household appliance that consumes more electricity per minute. Less laundry cycles means less water spent, detergents and electricity are used.


Our garments are meant to last. And so is its technology.

That’s why it has a timeless design; we want you to be able to wear them often without getting tired of them. With smart garments you won’t have so many clothes you’ll have more efficient garments that last longer. We don’t participate in fast fashion or black Friday.

Recyclable & circular

Our garments are 100% recyclable. The manufacturer that makes our thread can recycle our clothes and give them a new life. And a third one, and a fourth one…

For garments to be sustainable, they must be circular. Send us your garment when you finish with it so we can recycle it for you

Our buttons are made of recycled polyester, our packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Ethical garments

We make our garments from raw material to final tailoringin Spain and Portugal with 14 suppliers that employ more than 500 people.

By producing locally we are able to visit our suppliers often, ensuring that they have good working conditions and that everyone in the supply chain has a decent wage, and everyone follows European regulations.

We generate local industry and wealth And since we produce and sell our garments here, we also pay our taxes here contributing to the society we clothe.

But everything we do would mean nothing without people committed to a different type of fashion and strive for sustainability in their choices.

As a consumer, you have the power to make the difference. Every time you choose one product over another, you’re choosing the product that stays in the market next season.

We owe a lot to the community of customers who support us and invest in smart fashion. With your purchase, you are helping us right the wrongs of the fashion industry.