Persefone 24/7 t-shirt


Floral t-shirt with short sleeves, rounded collar and a loose fit This t-shirt was made by Ellas lo Bordan.

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Our technology

This is not any t-shirt

Every garment comes with the story of the person behind the sewing machine. Discover the stories of the people that made this capsule possible.

DONIA, Tunisia

She's been in Ellas Lo Bordan for 2 years now, where she learned to become a professional seamstress, a job that gave her independence and confidence and allowed her to know other cultures. She has 3 sons, and she imagines a world for them where they can be a reference for their knowledge.

NANY, Ethiopia

She came from Ethiopia 5 years ago with her daughter. Working in Ellas Lo Bordan not only taught her a profession but also gave her the confidence to know she can achieve anything she wants. She's closer to her dream of being a designer.

RKIA, Morocco

She came from Morocco years ago and had 3 wonderful children. Working in a textile mill has filled her life with color. Working at Ellas Lo Bordan is very rewarding for she can use her creativity and imagination.

SACDIYO, Somalia

She came to Spain with her 3 little ones. At Ellas Lo Bordan she learned a profession and a language, she learned to work in a team and many things from different cultures.


She's a young mom of two beautiful twins. At Ellas Lo Bordan she's found a profession and the drive to keep learning and professionalizing in the textile sector to be able to make her twins' dreams true.


María came to Spain when she was only a kid. At Ellas lo Bordan she's found a profession she loves, a rewarding job that allows her to spend time with her 5-year-old daughter.


She came to Spain 9 years ago. Working at Ellas lo Bordan allowed her to excel as a single mother, the reconciliation of work and family time, know women from other cultures, and discover the wonders of the textile world. Her dream is to continue her training and work in the import and export of textiles.

FATHIA, Morocco

She came to Spain 22 years ago. Ellas lo Bordan has changed her life. She now has a profession that she loves; sewing and creating, and that allowed her to grow personally and professionally.


ellas  lo bordan

This garment was made in “Ellas lo bordan”, in Madrid. It’s a social impact textile mill.

A project designed to help a collective in specially vulnerable situation: single mothers with no family support at risk of social exclusion. With the purchase of this garment, you are helping these women with a job that provides them with more autonomy and confidence, in a space where personal growth and teamwork are cultivated through training and professionalization.

Our compromise​

Every person involved in the making of our garments is equally important.

From the thread to the sewing, from marketing to finance, there’s a person committed with our values.

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