Blue pinstripe shirt 2.2


Blue pinstripe shirt 2.2 with Italian collar and medium fit.

With collar stiffeners to ensure the collar is positioned correctly, angled cuff, and a longer sleeve placket with button for easy rolling up of the sleeve. Reinforced shoulder seam to prevent wear and tear. With back darts to sit closer to the body in the waist and hips. Rounded hem Wrinkle-free perfect for the office and traveling. Materials: 100% recyclable antibacterial polyester.

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Our technology

Our compromise

Our compromise

Maximum comfort

Same technology with pattern upgrades.

Our EON collection has been designed with ergonomy in mind and, as usual, it’s engineered to last.

It has been designed with feedback from our customers to adapt better to their lifestyle while entering a more conscious era.


Easy care

It needs less laundry cycles than a normal garment; you can use it more and wash it less.

  • Antibacterial technology that neutralizes body odor.
  • It doesn’t yellow in time.
  • It doesn’t need ironing (our garments wrinkle 150% less than any non-iron shirt).
  • Stain repellent


Humanity’s challenge for this century: to slow down climate change

Avoid disposable products. Choose to reuse. We use technology to reduce the environmental impact of our garments, and science to measure it. Since 2019 we’ve saved enough water to fill out 4 Olympic swimming pools and enough CO2 to drive around the globe 18 times by car!

Water -87%

627 Liters of water
81 Liters of water

CO2 -52%

14 Kg of CO2 eq
6 Kg of CO2 eq

Measured by BCOME, groundbreaking platform of textile transparency.

10 million liters of water can fill out 4 Olympic swimming pools.

140.000 Kg of CO2 is the equivalent to driving around the globe18 times by car!

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