2 short sleeve polo pack

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Choose the color and size, and save in your next order.

Choose two short-sleeve polo shirts from the selection in your favorite color and size. With the packs, everybody wins: we save in shipping costs, you have a lower price and we all reduce the CO2 from transport for the planet.

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2nd polo
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Our technology

Maximum comfort

We design our garments to resist
intensive use and rock your routine.

Elastic fabric to adapt to your every move

Sweat patches are not visible

Neutralizes body odor

Easy care

Our garments are designed to last. It’s easy care, wrinkle-free, and you can wear it for a few days without washing it after every use. 

Its anti-bacterial technology   neutralizes body odor.

Our garments don’t yellow with time

It doesn’t need ironing  (our  garments wrinkle 150%  less than any  non-iron shirt).

Stain-free the liquids roll off our garments.

Local production

This garment was madefrom raw material to final tailoring in Spain and Portugal.

These garments were made in Spain and Portugal.

100% recyclable

Our garments are designed to last, howeverit’s 100% recyclable so it can have a second life.

Shippings (Spain and Portugal)

Our shipping is free in orders over 50€ in the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).





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