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Choose 3 polo shirts from the selection in your favorite color and size. With the packs, everybody wins: we save in shipping costs, you have a lower price and we all reduce the CO2 from transport for the planet.

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If one is not enough, the packs are your smartest choice.

The packs are a win-win-win: we make less shipping, saving CO2 from transport and shipping costs, that’s why you also get a special price.


Humanity’s challenge for this century:to slow down climate change

Avoid disposable products. Choose to reuse. We use technology to reduce the environmental impacr of our garments, and science to measure it.  Since 2019we’ve saved enough water to fill out  4 Olympic swimming pools   and enough CO2 to drive  18 times around the world by car.

Measured by BCOME, groundbreaking platform of textile transparency.

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Kg of CO2 eq
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water use

10 million liters of water can fill out 4 Olympic swimming pools.

140.000 Kg of CO2 is the equivalent to driving around the globe18 times by car!

Local production

Our commitment starts with the people that make our products.

We make our garments from raw material to final tailoring in Spain and Portugal, generating local industry.

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