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Our advantages

If you are looking for a way of communicating your values through your garment, find below some reasons why choosing Sepiia:

Our garments help prevent damage to the environment thanks to its low level water consumption during the production and daily use. They are recyclable and they also save energy because it dries faster and it doesn’t need to be ironed.

Your company will be able to dress with the latest textile technology thanks to years of research and collaboration with the most prestigious textile laboratories in Spain. We’ve developed our own and unique textile technology.

We support local industry development by placing all our manufacturing phases in Spain and (thread, fabric, treatments and sewing) and Portugal (sewing).

No matter how hard your job is, your team will always feel fresh and with maximum comfort thanks to its breathable and body-adaptable fabric. .

Our garment and its properties are designed to last. That is why we test our fabric in 90 washes before developing a product.

We have dressed

Sepiia and the SDG

Our compromise is with the Sustainable Development Goals

ODS fin de la pobreza
ODS hambre cero
ODS salud y bienestar
ODS educacion de calidad
ODS igualdad de género
ODS agua limpia
ODS energía asequible
ODS trabajo decente
ODS industria e innovación
ODS reducir las desigualdades
ODS ciudades y comunidades sostenibles
Producción y consumo responsable
ODS acción por el clima
ODS vida submarina
ODS vida de ecosistemas terrestres
ODS paz justicia
ODS alianzas

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