Infinite fashion:
Circularity is the breaking point of the new era

The end is just the beginning: one garment that can turn into a new garment.
Our garments have always been recyclable. Now they are also recycled and can have infinite lives.

Infinite circularity

At Sepiia we have achieved full circularity: we make our garments from recycled and sustainable materials, and we are able to recycle them entirely to create new garments.


Fashion needs to be (re)designed

The linear production and consumption system is unsustainable in the long term. Circularity is the only way to guarantee resources for future generations and to curb down climate change.

This is how infinite fashion is born, where the end is only the beginning:

This is how we do it

When we design garments, we not only consider how they will be used to make your day easier, we also design them thinking about what will become of them at the end of their useful life.

Rediseñamos la ropa inspirándonos en la Naturaleza; con innovación para hacerla durar, para mantener su calidad, y para seguir siendo útil más allá de la próxima temporada. 

This is all we've saved since 2017:


19,113,824 litres of water

31641633 litros de agua

O lo que es lo mismo, suficiente agua para llenar  13 piscinas olímpicas


251,135 Kg of CO2 eq

303549 Kg de CO2 eq

O lo que es lo mismo, suficiente CO2 para dar 39 vueltas al mundo en  coche


Discover the new collection

Local supply chain

We manufacture entirely in Spain and Portugal, through 15 suppliers that employ more than 500 people.

We create jobs and promote a traditional industry, reinventing it with the latest textile technology.

White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt
White T-shirt

Local production to achieve global change

White T-shirt

24,00 €

This garment has been made in Filipe's clothing factory in Oporto with fabric produced 100% in Spain through 14 suppliers.

It's the most durable and resistant t-shirt you'll ever own: it doesn't yellow, it doesn't need ironing, it neutralizes body odor so you can wear it longer without washing it and of course, it repels stains.

It is comfortable, elastic and breathable, you can wear it every day.

What we save for the planet:

This garment requires 52 litres of water, which means a saving of 364 litres of water compared to the same garment in traditional cotton.