Textile engineering in your everyday garments

With all the technology around us, we didn't understand that clothes still get stained and wrinkled, and last so little time.
In 2016 we decided to create the next generation of garments, designed for you and the planet:
Life-ready smart-fashion.

Our fabrics

Sepiia ® Fabric

Everything you always wanted in your clothes: functionality, comfort and easy care.

Developed after more than 5 years of research, this fabric has already won over more than 40,000 customers with our shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, and dresses.

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We work closely with prestigious laboratories and universities such as AITEX, CSIC and UPV to develop the properties of our garments and test their effectiveness.

We invest resources every year to create new and better products for people and the planet because innovation is at the heart of everything we do.