The fashion industry creates a great impact on the people that make the garments and those who buy them. We want our impact to be positive.

Proudly made in Spain

Spain’s fashion industry was strong some decades ago, but in the 90’s many companies moved their production to Asia to cut costs and be more competitive in price. Many textile mills and factories had to close, but the ones who stayed in the business reinvented themselves and became specialist on what they did.

Fashion made in Spain

At Sepiia we make sustainable garments that have a unique technology, and we could do the whole process with excellent manufacturers without ever leaving Iberia. They were flexible enough to try something different with our fabric, and thinking out of the box with us.

It takes us 5 months to make a garment from raw material to final tailoring. More than 500 people work in our garments, divided in 14 suppliers. Every single one of them works with enthusiasm to take the fashion industry to a better future.

Why do we make our garments locally?

Because we believe in solidarity and local economy. Together we build the future we want to see tomorrow.

The “made in Spain” tag is much more than a guarantee of origin.

For us, it means creating a network of laboratories, textile mills, and people committed to rebuilding and improving Spain’s fashion industry. Creating employment by fostering a traditional industry with cutting edge technology, to bring the best product for you.

The investment

That comes back to you

When you buy a local product the investment comes back to you. Not only because we pay our taxes in Spain contributing to the society we dress, but also because thanks to your purchase, your neighbor has a job in the difficult times we’ll face in the near future.



Puri’s  textile mill

Ciudad Real

Their workshop opened in April 2016, only a few months before Sepiia was born. They are specialists in quality tailored shirts. In 2017 we started working with them with a small production run of 60 shirts per week. We’ve tripled our production with them and so far they have made over 7.000 garments for us.

Their values are very much aligned with ours. They work with sustainable projects and pour their hearts and souls into every single shirt they make. They are more than Sepiia’s team members, they are family to us.

17 people work there, 16 of whom are women, and 75% of their employees work on our garments. They treat their team and their customers really well.

They have always been flexible with us; it took a lot of trial and error to find a clothing factory that understood our unique fabric and achieved the best results, just like they do. They currently make our formal and casual shirts.


Filipe’s textile mill


Funded in 1985 with a clear purpose: find unique fabrics, with different textures and qualities to make the perfect garments for modern men, specialized in shirts and polo shirts. Naturally, we were a perfect match for each other.

They currently make our t-shirts and polo shirts. They have always been flexible with us; they make our prototypes when we try new garments. They have an outstanding service. They are fast and have the best performance.

They invested 850.000€ to update their machinery and infrastructure to boost the quality of their work. They have a team of 25 workshop operators and 5 people as administrative staff.


Ellas lo Bordan


Ellas lo Bordan starts in 2017 with the mission of creating jobs for women in vulnerable situations; single moms victims of violence at any of its forms. The core of this project of transformation and change is its textile mill, where they givetraining and optionsto these women

At their workshop, they train them on a professional level and help them achieve a technical knowledge of textiles while building their confidence and independence on a personal level. At the factory, the women participate in every activity putting into practice all aspects of the technical and economical activities alongside the company targets.

We love working with them, their philosophy and social work. Their core values are to restore dignity, achieve conciliation and cooperation.

9 single mothers work at the factory; The hands and hearts behind Ellas lo Bordan. They also have an administrative and training team of 3 people.

Their values are very much aligned with ours. They work with sustainable projects and pour their hearts and souls into every single shirt they make. They are more than Sepiia’s team members, they are family to us.

The women behind Ellas lo Bordan



They opened in 2004, specializing in quality swimwear, dresses, and jackets. They share our sustainability vision and concern about doing things right for the environment.

They offer an integrated service for cutting, assembling, and quality checks.

They make our swimwear collection and started working with us in 2020. 30 people work on our garments, 25 of whom are women.


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