We're in this together

Even though we are confined in our homes, we are not alone, we’re still connected.
We hope you and your families are well, taking care of each other

At Sepiia we are still open through our online store. We’re living challenging times with a pandemic that has changed our lives in a matter of days. As you know, our garments are made locally in Spain and Portugal from raw material to final tailoring. Our manufacturers either had to close due to the coronavirus restrictions or is now making protection masks. We ask for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times if your order was a pre-sale and has been affected by our production shutdown.

We donated fabric to make 10.000 protection masks  We believe people and companies need to have social awareness and bring value in times of crisis.

Our e-commerce is still active for all garments in stock Why? 

Because we want to continue working with Puri and Iván at Ciudad Real, with Miguel in Alicante, with Jorge Muñor senior who makes our fabric and Jorge Muñoz junior, that organizes our advertising campaigns. More than 500 people intervene in the making of our garments, and we want to still have a job for them when this crisis is over. Your purchase helps us keep a solidary and local economy going. Together we can invest and build the world we want to see tomorrow.

We have taken the following measures to provide the safe delivery of our products:

Door to door delivery for shipping, exchanges and returns.

Our shipping services have incorporatedhygene, distance and security measures

We extend the exchanges and returns to 60 days.

Our office team is working from home and it’s available to solve all your questions.


Yes, we are still shipping our garments in stock. We can’t make new garments since our manufacturers are either closed or making masks at the moment, but you can shop all our garments in stock.

If the garment you want is not in stock, you can contact our customer service at customers@sepiia.com to request the garment and size you want, so they can assist you in finding one that will suit you.

Yes, we can hold your purchase at our logistic center until the curve flats if you wish to. In order to do so, please send us an email at customers@sepiia.com to arrange it.

Shipping is safe. We are fulfilling all the requirements established by the department of health, both in the handling of the garment and in the shipping of it. Our shipping company (Nacex), has taken the following measurements: requesting customers to use their own pen when signing. They’ll deliver the package always maintaining the safe distance and using gloves. Besides, to provide a safe service for you and our couriers, when the payment is cash on delivery they ask of you to bring the exact amount to avoid exchange of cash.

We have extended the exchange and delivery period for 60 days. It works the same way it always did: just email us at customers@sepiia.com and we’ll organize the collection of the package to your house.

If you prefer to wait until the alert state is over to exchange or return your garment just let us know through the same email, and we’ll organize the collection of the package afterwards. .

At ou webpage you can leave our email if we don’t have stock, we’ll send an automatic email when we receive more sock of the garment. If you want to make a reservation to make that garment once our manufacturers reopen, please contact us at customers@sepiia.com and we’ll formalize your request manually.

Our free shipping usually takes 48/72h in the peninsula (Spain and Portugal) although because of the coronavirus sipping can be delayed for an extra 24h. We ask for your comprehension and patience for the possible delays since the shipping has intensified after the alert state declared (our shipping partner Nacex is prioritizing on of other goods considered basic necessities such as food and medical supplies).

Yes, our services are still shipping to Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and UK. Nacex provides the shipping service within Spain and Portugal, and works with the best courier services abroad to provide a safe journey for our garments.

If you bought a garment on pre-sale your garment’s delivery has probably been delayed. We’ve contacted our customers to inform them that our manufacturers have either closed at the moment or making protection masks, so our production has taken a small hiccup. We’ll continue making the garments as soon as our manufacturers reopen, and therefore by then you probably don’t need to change your address. If Nacex cannot deliver your package they’ll notify you at the contact number you left us at the purchase to ask you for a different address. However, if you have permanently changed directions or wish to have it sent to a different location, you can let us know at customers@sepiia.com.

We hope you are safe and keeping your hopes up during these challenging times. Now, more than ever, it’s time to stick together. We hope the curve flattens soon to be able to give a big hug to our families and loved ones, but the best way to protect them and help them is to stay home.

We take this opportunity to thank all health professionals, supermarket & transport workers, public services, forces of the state, caretakers and everyone doing an exceptional job to keep us safe and going.

The Sepiia Team

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