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Recycling clothes is not an easy task

Every year 900.000 tones of textile waste end in Spain’s landfills. Only 8% is recycled. We believe waste is a design flaw, and that’s why we designed our clothes to be circular. This is how you can recycle them.

zero waste to close the loop

our garments

are circular

If you want to recycle your garment, send it to us. We’ll give you 5€ for your next purchase. We’ll send it to the factory that makes our thread. He also recycles clothes and can give our garments a second life. (and a third one and fourth one… polyester can be recycled almost to infinity).

If you wish to recycle your garment, and also would like to buy another garment in the same go, we have a 15% discount for you, for helping us reduce residues. Contact us so we can create a personal discount code for you. When we send the new garment, we’ll take the garment you want to recycle in the same go, to save transport and CO2.

How do we recycle

your sepiia garment?

We accumulate all the remnants of fabric from our mills and the garments our customers send to us for recycling, and we send them to the factory that makes our thread. They also recycle clothes and can give them a second life.

Did you know that when garments are made from a mix of materials it’s difficult to impossible to recycle them? that’s why our garments are 100% polyester.

no lo tires, reciclar ropa

Closing the loopis in our hands

If you want your garments to last, take care of them. The less polluting garment is the one you already have. Don’t buy it if you don’t need it. Here We explain how to take good care of your Sepiia garment.

Fix it if it breaks. Our sustainable garments are designed to last, but if anything unforeseen happens to it, don’t panic. Don’t throw your garment away if it loses a button, email us and we’ll send you more. If a stain actually stains the fabric, and you think it won’t come out, email us and we’ll help you remove it.

If you believe it’s life-cycle is over, recycle it. Send us your garment when you think you won’t use it anymore, and we’ll recycle it for you. Help us close the loop of your sepiia shirt.



To recycle your Sepiia and give it a second life:

closing the loop IS ALSO