About us

Our mission

Create garments that make your life easier while taking care of the planet.

There is a problem with how clothes are made globally: the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. We offer a sustainable, durable, and ethical solution for your everyday clothes.

We offer a sustainable alternative to traditional clothing with a more durable approach.

Our story and team

Sepiia comes to life in 2016 out of the maverick engineer Federico Sainz, who could not understand how technology is all around us and yet it hadn’t reached our clothes.

With a trial and error method and a lot of hard work . he launched his first collection in 2016.

The team has grown over the years to scale the business; Tovay we are 9 people committed to bringing the best and most sustainable garments while bringing R&D into the textile industry in Spain and Portugal.

But the team is not complete without the 15 suppliers that make our garments from scratch in Spain and Portugal, without whom we could not bring our garments to life.

Sepiia stores

Sepiia’s partnered stores will remain closed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sepiia Madrid: Kraft & Walkers


We are lucky enough to have the mentoring of the most resourceful accelerators in Spain, such as Google for Startups, Lanzadera, La Nave and most recently we entered in Atelier by Isem.


We dressed the talents of Playstation and participated in an campaign with KFC. The Apartment is our communication agency. It is because of them and our unique talents that we are always on the media.

Our achievements

To our efforts in changing the present and future of fashion with smart, sustainable and ethical garments. Click the icon to know more


We make our garments in Spain and Portugal, and pay our taxes here. We guarrantee that no animals have been harmed to make our garments, we are a Peta Approved company.

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