Transparency Friday

Find out why we don't participate in Black Friday.

We don't raise prices to lower them one day.
We offer a fair price all year round.

It's the fairest thing to do for those who make your clothes and those who buy them. That's why we don't celebrate Black Friday, but Transparency Friday:

On this date we celebrate the importance of transparency in the fashion industry. We take this opportunity to share the stories of our suppliers, show you who makes our clothes, where, and what their impact is.

As we do every year, we want to encourage a more conscious consumption.

For every garment sold during Black Friday, we will donate a garment to the association "Tu imagen, tu oportunidad"  (Your image, your chance) that helps people at risk of social exclusion to find a job, prepare for their job interview, and give them clothes to get back into the labor market in Spain.

With each purchase you will help us to help them. We don't believe in aggressive discounts but we do want to use these dates so that conscious consumption has a positive impact on our society.

It's not about not buying, but buying better. Your consumption has a big impact; transform it into a positive impact with local, conscious, and sustainable purchases.
Black Friday encourages compulsive consumption, in which we end up buying things we don't really need, as a result of a spectacular price drop, encouraging an increase in waste, generating a lot of pressure on suppliers.

Transparency is key

To encourage conscious consumption, to understand when a product is worth what it costs. And that's why we put it into practice 365 days a year:

On our product sheets you can see the price breakdown with what each process costs, and where it is carried out. You can also see the water and CO2 consumption of the garment throughout its life cycle, and how much it saves compared to a conventional cotton garment.

We don't have seasonal sales

We have a last sizes section all year round.

When we have few units left of the non-continuous garments, we send them to the last sizes section, and we subtract the marketing investment from them since we stop promoting them. That's why our customers can get them at a 20% discount, always. We keep the section all year round in order to sell all our garments, even if we have very few of each model or size left.