Textile technology to revolutionize your everyday life

The beginning of a new cycle.
Discover all the properties that make our garments unique:

New generation

Softer and more sustainable.

After years of research, we have managed to increase the softness and breathability of our fabric to improve your daily life with a fiber that, moreover, is 100% recycled and of circular origin.

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Life-proof technology

Tecnologia mejorada para conseguir el máximo rendimiento con una suavidad extraordinaria.

No dejes que una mancha te arruine un buen día. 


Save time, and spend it on what you like most

This new generation of garments features a softer and lighter fabric, which further improves the anti-wrinkle performance of our products.

No more ironing.

More use, less laundry cycles

Save water and electricity

The fabric neutralizes the bacteria that cause body odor, so you can wear the garment much longer and wash it much less.

This new version of the product brings a reinforced antibacterial technology to avoid bad smells.

No sweat marks

Gain comfort and security

We all sweat, but no one needs to notice. Our garments reduce visible sweat marks and are stretchy and breathable.

With antiviral and antibacterial activity

Protection is the new black:

Neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, so you can wear the garment much longer and wash it much less.

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How do we achieve all these qualities?

We develop the garments from their origin:

Diseñamos y desarrollamos nuestras prendas partiendo desde el origen.

This is how we provide all the functionalities we are looking for in each garment.

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Local supply chain

We manufacture entirely in Spain and Portugal, through 15 suppliers that employ more than 500 people.

We create jobs and promote a traditional industry, reinventing it with the latest textile technology.

¿Por qué íbamos a producir a 10.000 km teniendo aquí talleres de calidad que nos ofrecen mayores garantías sociales y ambientales? 

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